Together again…




I am sorry for the delay in blog posts!!! with the start of home schooling and Sam arriving back, I dont seem to have had a moment to sit down and write. There has also been some problems attaching photos from my phone!!

Anyway, it is great to have Sam back, with the added excitment of my mum coming too. Sam is recovering as planned although he still cannot sit for very long. EFZ have been really supportive and all being well our next training event is scheduled for the end of October…

It has reassured us to know that the impact of the work we are involved in has continued despite our poor health. Last week a lady we have trained called me seeking advice on how to support a seven year old girl who has been sexually abused and as a result been infected with HIV. It was heart breaking to hear the girl’s story. Yet we felt encouraged to know that people we have trained are becoming empowered to fight for justice for these children, to act on their behalf and to break the silence of their abuse.

So life continues… We are feeling positive.  My foot is healing well and I have started to walk without a crutch. There is still tissue damage but sure the physio treatment should sort it!  I did my first swim this week which was so lovely. I now need to decide whether to remove the screw in my foot!

The attached photos are from  Sunshine school. The shot with both girls is of their shop!! We are enjoying schooling at home and the freedom it gives us to live our rather unpredictable life out here!!

Have a great week and i promise the next blog will be sooner.

Love Han and family xxx