Hi all
Its been a great week. One of


our highlights was spending the afternoon in our local village Chainda.

Chainda is located 20 kms east of Lusaka and is classed as a low income community or unplanned settlement and therefore faces many challenges with high levels of HIV transmission, compounded by high material poverty and umemployment levels. There are approximately 26000 people living in Chainda and around 4000 of these are orphans.
The village of Chainda was settled in 1968 when the many tribes living at Rourlpili (meaning The Hill) were moved from their location, to make way for the construction of the Lusaka International Airport.

On thursdays we visit the Home based care project in chainda and hang out with some of the children who are orphaned and vulnerable. We sing, read stories, act out bible stories and play african drums. Sometimes i go with george, the amazing guy who runs the centre. We go together to visit people who are sick in their homes. Last week the girls and i met kifula, a three year old suffering with TB. kifula is in a coma and requires 24 hour care. Her mum is doing an amazing job caring for her, yet their financial situation is at the point of crisis as Emma, the mum cannot work as she is a full time carer. So humbling to hear her story. Wondering how i would cope in a similar situation. So inspired by her faith that God will provide.

So, I have fallen in love with Chainda and the people who live there.

I need to remember this when the going gets tough.

Love the FB’s x