Three Years

Hi all

Today we celebrate three years living in Zambia! It feels just like yesterday when we arrived here with 8 bags, feeling strange and lost as we began life in a totally different world. Now this is where we call home.


What a journey we have all been on! I have started writing a book to capture our memories! It has been the best time of our lives and yet it has also been one of the most challenging. God is always blessing us and has remained faithful, although there have been times we have  wondered where He is or what He is up to!!

We are humbled to have witnessed Tehila grow from a vague idea into a UK based charity with trustees and soon to become a registered Zambian NGO.  Despite our ongoing health concerns, God has been unravelling his plan for Tehila and the children in this nation. Our latest exciting news is that from this week Tehila has a Zambian Director who will join Sam and I!

None of this would be possible without the ongoing generous support from our friends and family. To all those who give in some way to us and Tehila, we want to say thank you.

We plan to be in Zambia for the next three years and return to the UK in 2018. Beyond this time, we believe Tehila will continue with Zambian ownership and leadership. This excites us.

To make this happen, we have big plans and vision for the next three years.  2015 is a capacity building year where we want to grow Tehila in Zambia especially through Tehila trainers to facilitate courses. We also have plans to focus on therapeutic care and play therapy for children and families affected by sexual abuse. Our dream to build a therapeutic centre for traumatised children is only a seed but one we would love to share with you and see become a reality!

Tehila needs ongoing faith, prayers and commitment as we venture forward to the next phase. Please continue to join us in this movement to protect children in Zambia.

We want to give you a snippet of how your support has made environments safer for children in Zambia over the last three years:

1. Over 600 community leaders and organisations have been equipped with knowledge and skills on how to keep children safe.Their organisations work directly with thousands of children in the communities. 
2. The first fostering and adoption service ‘Embrace’ has been developed.  This is a grass roots movement by  church leaders supported by government ministries, campaigning to end institutional care. The first 4 children have been removed from orphanages and placed in loving families. 
3. The social workforce across Zambia is being strengthened through our work with the Social Workers Association of Zambia.  This will improve the training and practice of social workers across Zambia.
4. Tehila has provided individual advocacy support in court for children who have suffered abuse and required to give evidence.
5. Tehila is working with various development organisations, supporting them to develop and implement child safeguarding policies and procedures.

You are part of our Tehila Team with the vision to prevent and respond to child cruelty in Zambia. Know that your giving is making a difference. Be encouraged. Your support is impacting lives.

Love Hannah and Sam xx