Tehila – A story of hope

Dear all

For this month’s impact story, I want to invite Mryl, our recently appointed UK Publicity Officer for Tehila, to share her observations whilst she has been visiting us here in Lusaka for the past three weeks.

“I was fortunate enough to observe Tehila staff delivering the TouchTalk program.  Firstly the team trained Sunday school teachers about child abuse and child safeguarding.  One of the teachers had previously attended Tehila Safe Places training and is currently attending the mentoring program that builds on the foundation knowledge gained during Safe Places.  This teacher was a valuable presence as she was able to provide accurate answers to questions and help teach the other teachers for who the material was new.  She was also the designated Child Protection Officer (CPO) for the church and it was evident that she remembered and had assimilated the previous training well.”

“The teachers engaged enthusiastically and before the training was finished, one of them made a bold and open disclosure of abuse she had suffered as a child. Through this training, she came to realise that what had happened to her as a child was abuse and decided to speak about it for the first time ever since it had happened.”

“Once the teachers were trained, forty- four children then received the TouchTalk training. The Pastor, who had also done Safe Places and mentoring training, joined us to lend support to the teachers and children. The Sunday school teachers had the opportunity to deliver some of the program thus immediately putting into practice their own training.”

“By the end of TouchTalk, one child indicated that they were having difficulties and needed help. The designated CPO and Pastor were able to follow up with the child and take on the management of the situation.”

“Within the space of several hours, I had witnessed the impact of the full cycle of Tehila’s Child Safeguarding training program in just one location. It was easy and refreshing to see how their work is bringing hope to hundreds of children, adults and whole communities.”









We thank Myrl for being in Zambia. We have simply loved having her with us. She has connected with each team member, offered encouragement and valuable insight into different areas of our work and re-energised and motivated us with her infectious character and sense of humour. We hugely appreciate her visit and are excited to see Myrl develop in her role as the Publicity Officer for the UK side!

Lots of love

Han and the Team x