Teachers Day

Hi all

I wonder what you are all up to this week…? Yesterday was a national teachers day in Zambia- so all children had a day off school.

Yesterday Sam had a great idea to take all the children on our plot to the cinema for a treat. And so we all piled into the white van.

Great fun.


These children have become family to us.  There are four houses on our plot and we have become solid friends with everyone living here.  Our home is trully a haven and we are so blessed to be here. 

I just love being at home, enjoying the simple things around me.  Whilst resting with my foot raised, I can hear the sound of laughter and chatter as the girls play with their friends. The birds singing and an occasional gecko running past me on my wall. It refreshes me and gives me peace. Well apart from when there are a hundred flies around me!!

I feel blessed. Just to be.

I hope you can enjoy those simple pleasures this week.

Love and hugs
Han xx