Social Workers Association of Zambia

Hi all
We have had the privilege of working with the Social Workers’ Association of Zambia for the last year. In our mission to promote safer environments for children in Zambia, it has been so timely to help build the capacity of this organisation and the social welfare workforce in this nation.


Currently, it would appear that any learning institution can teach social work and there is no regulation of both training and practice. In some cases, undergraduates have been found lecturing social work at universities! This can lead to dangerous practice as people working with children are underqualified, not necessarily of a good professional calibre and may not understand or be awsre of the social work code of ethics. This puts vulnerable children at further risk.

We are passionate about raising the profile and credibility of the social work profession in this nation.   A profession that is key in fighting child cruelty, violence and oppression.

A key goal of SWAZ is to see an Act of parliament pass which will ensure the regulation of the profession and ensure membership registration is mandatory for all social workers.

Amongst other activities, Tehila has been instrumental in working with SWAZ to develop a website and webportal, carry out a membership drive to increase and retain members, develop professional development for social workers and find a twinning partnership for SWAZ.

Today SWAZ and its stakeholders met to finalise the strategic plan for the next five years. We are so exciting to have played a part in their journey and look forward to ongoing an ongoing partnership.

A big thank you to all our Tehila Team and supporters back in the UK for making this possible. Your support is having an impact.




On another note…we had our tea break today with the former President of Zambia Mr Guy Scott!! He just happened to be in the building and in the same lounge. Being the Northerner that I am, I popped over to say hi and we chatted!! Sam was disappointed that I did not take a photo! Oh well….

Have a good week.
Han xx