Hi all
Busy planning here for our next training and enjoying seeing the Tehila Zambia Team grow!

Normally for our trainings, we need  lunch and refreshments for our participants. And it has to be a full cooked meal of nshima ( the local mealie meal dish) with relish and meat! We normally organise this externally but for our next training Tehila now have a catering team!!

Meet Shika as she prepares the menu and budget for our training on October 12th and 13th. Shika is one of the most gifted and talented entrepreneurial women I know. As well as helping us at Tehila, she runs a scone business, helps me at home, looks after my children and has just started a fish selling business. Oh and on top of this she is training to be a dentist!!

We love her. She is an asset to Tehila and on a personal note, she is a special friend who has stood by my side and walked with me on my journey of healing since my accident. She walked a long way to visit me in hospital, has cared for me at home, put up with my emotions, cried with me, lifted my spirits, encouraged me, kept me in order and blessed me so much. As a family and as Tehila we could do very little without her!


A big thank you to Shika. I wish you could all meet her.

Have a blessed weekend.
Han and the Tehila Zambia Team x