Settling in…..


Hi all
its  been an interesting week! If I am totally honest, it has not been easy. The girls are taking time to settle at their school and its thrown up different emotions in us.

Yet in the midst of this time we have had some special moments. Times that remind us why we are here and that God knows best. Moments when i look at my girls and see how much they are growing in so many ways that matter.

This picture is of some children who we have committed to spend time with every thursday afternoon. They are all orphaned in some way and live in the village near us.

I felt a bit grumpy on thursday this week, a little preoccupied with my life and feeling a bit sorry for myself. I didnt really want to go. I wanted to get my situation sorted first. To make some decisions and feel everything was fixed. But it was the best thing for us to just hang out and enjoy spending time with these special people: singing, laughing, colouring.

It reminded me to stop thinking just about me and to remember the joy of giving to others. To hand over my concerns and allow God to deal with them while I get on doing what I need to do.

A lesson learned for me this week!

Love to you all
Han and Family x