Sam is in the UK!

Hi all

It’s been quite a while since we last blogged. Life has been crazy since I was last in touch. Thandi has been keeping us busy at home as she is learning to adapt to being in a family. It is an incredible journey, the highs and the lows and we thank God for the incredible people he has put in our life as we take a day at a time on this journey. Amazing.

We have gone through a busy season with Tehila, travelling twice up to northern Zambia to work in a boarding school launching our latest programme focused on cyber bullying and child safeguarding. We have had the pleasure of hosting Simon and Catriona and Alice Benham and Penny and Alan. A wonderful and special time together. And now we have my mum here!

In fact this blog is mainly to let you know that Sam is coming to the UK! He is there to launch Tehila’s strategic plan for the next three years, fundraise, cast vision, share , meet donors, friends and family. He would love for you to come along to our ‘Tehila Event’ on Sunday 19th November between 2-4pm at a friends house.  Please email me at for venue details. Light refreshments will be served and a brief presentation shown at 3pm. Please come and bring a friend who may not know us! We want to introduce more people to Tehila and share our exciting vision for the next three years!

For those who cannot attend due to living far away or any other reason, please don’t worry. We would love to share our vision with you and will be emailing our strategic plan very soon. We would love for you to consider continuing to support us and our work.

If you live around Bracknell and would like to see Sam at another time please email him at and he will do his best to meet up with you.

I will miss him!

Lots of love

Han X