Sam in the UK!

Hi all
Its hard to put into words the emotion of the last few days. For those of you who do not know, Sam flew back to the UK on Monday as he has a very large prolapsed disc in his back that needs to be operated on as soon as possible.

Sam has suffered with back pain for many years and over the past few months this pain has increased. During our camping holiday in August the pain intensified to almost an intolerable level, leaving him with a severe bout of siatica and unable to walk without intense pain. He was told to take bed rest over the last three weeks. During this time he had an MRI scan here in Lusaka. He sent the results to a spinal specialist in the UK who then contacted us the following day advising him to return for surgery.

The last few days have been a whirlwind of emotion. It was extremely hard saying goodbye to Sam, not sure when we will next see him. It breaks my heart that we cannot be together whilst he is going through surgery and recovery. It is hard without Sam by our side. The girls are confused and it feels strange to be over the other side of the world. Yet, I feel at peace. God is carrying me and giving me the strength I need for each day. There are amazing people loving and supporting us both here and in the UK.

Sam is now in Bracknell and his surgery is tomorrow at 8.30am. We would greatly appreciate your prayers and thoughts at this time.

Life carries on here as normally as we can.  This week we started home school. We made this decision a few weeks ago due to challenges we have faced with schooling out here. Attached are some photos on their first day- they wanted to wear their uniform!

As you can see we attracted a couple more pupils whilst painting!

Anyway hope you are well.

Lots of love
Hannah and family xx