Riding Rapids!

Nothing seems to be really certain in Zambia.  We have been learning to live this way during the last two years.  Its difficult to ever get into a routine.  Just when life seems to settle down, something unpredictable, something least expected seems to happen. Does it ever feel like that for you?  That’s how it feels for us.  We have enough money to last until September yet our plans here go way beyond this date.  Our physical health is concerning at the moment with Sam’s painful back and my broken foot and damaged shoulder.  The children’s education is not straightforward and at times makes us feel unsettled. We feel like we are grasping the culture differences and then something happens that leaves us confused and totally unconnected.  In fact, life can sometimes feel a bit too much.  But I am learning that its all about what we choose to focus on during the uncertainty.

We recently went down to Victoria Falls and saw the amazing rapids on the Zambezi River.  It made me think about white water rafting and how we are sort of on our own white water rafting trip out here.  The experience is amazing, breath-taking, uplifting and energising.  Yet, it is also full of uncertainty.  That is part of the anticipation and exhilaration.  The rapids will come and some of them will be big and daunting.  It may feel like we will never get through them.  We can feel unsettled, nervous and not sure whether we are coming or going.  But if we choose to focus on the rafting guide, the one leading us and trust that he is experienced enough to take us through the rapids, then we will feel confident and enjoy the ride.

When the rapids come, as they inevitably will, we have to choose to trust God to guide us through.  To stay with us and even pull us back into the raft if we end up in the water occasionally.  The exciting thing is that if we manage to trust him during the smaller rapids, maybe he will let us run the bigger ones next time!  And although it’s hard sometimes, we would rather be in this place, on this adventure, than anywhere else in the world.

You never know, maybe one day we will actually be on the Zambezi River riding those rapids.  But I guess one thing at a time.  The first thing is to get the physio out of the way…!

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer heat.  We are actually quite jealous since it is now Winter here and very cold!!

Lots of love

The FB’s x