Priscilla Musonda

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Priscilla Musonda is someone who we have the privilege of knowing personally and professionally in our fight against child cruelty in Zambia. We spent the morning with her today…which I shall share in our next blog!  But firstly I want to share a bit about Priscilla…..

Priscilla is the survivor of a lifetime of sexual abuse, who has grown to serve as a beacon for other child victims.

In her book ‘Stolen Childhood’, she shares chilling, detailed accounts of her life in Zambia as the sexual slave of her father. The abuse began when she was just five years old, and as a result, her relatives shunned her and predicted that she would never marry.

She struggled to complete her education as the nightmare continued. As a teen, she was forced to marry her own father, a polygamist with three other wives. She bore him four children—who have also been shunned by her family. Desperate, she ran away to live on the streets. Her life was grim, but not as grim as the future they predicted for her.

But Priscilla is a survivor, not a victim.

She and her husband live here in Zambia and have rescued many childen who have suffered the most horrendous abuse, welcoming them into their family. She is also a national advocate for childrens safety and wants to do everything she can to get others to take the claims of children seriously. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of her story go to benefit the work of Priscilla Schaufelberger Home of Abused Foundation (PSHAF).

Stolen Childhood: The Three Cs

One small act you can take is to buy Priscilla’s book from Amazon and read it.  It has strong language and imagery so be aware before you read.  But the language has a purpose – there is a need to break through the silence in this nation, to encourage people to speak out about sexual abuse and not to sit in silent shame. This book is one brave step in this direction.

If you want to learn more about Priscilla’s work please visit her facebook page PSHAF.  She is a true inspiration and against all odds, she has dedicated her life to protect children from sexual abuse in this nation.

God Bless you all this week

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