Post to Zambia

Hi all
Hope you are having a great week?! The weather here is getting pretty hot and we are all feeling the effects…it was 39 degrees yesterday!!

Just wanted to take a moment to thank all those who are in contact with us whilst we are here in Zambia. Contact comes in a variety of ways….whatsapp, facebook, emails, skype, e-cards and good old fashioned post! Contact is encouraging and we value it sooooo much!!

These last couple of weeks we have received some lovely cards in the post….thank you so much…it is so special getting cards….and a little bit exciting going to collect them from the post office!!


Some people have asked how to send post to us in Zambia so I thought we would blog with some information.  Also to those who do know the address, please note that it now includes a code in the address!

There is currently no postal service in Zambia to residential addresses but if you want to send us something please use this address:

Sam Fairs-Billam
High Street Connect
Big Box Business Centre
Crowhurst Road
East Sussex

You simply have to pay UK postage. However, we do have to pay an international fee to collect the package/letter when it arrives in Zambia. Therefore its best not to send anything heavy!!  Just to give you an idea, anything around a kilo would cost us about 10 pounds to collect. So a kilo or under is fine….

Just another thing…if you do send something please could you let us know the date you posted it so that we can track our end!

Finally, if you want to send something but dont know what, Sam loves twiglets!!

Love to all
Han and the gang xxxx