hi all
Well its been a while since we last blogged and apologies for that! I guess with moving house, we have just been a little bit busy! But anyway, we wanted to connect with you all and share where we are at. We are really happy in our new home and loving the peace and quiet with it being out in the country side. The girls are loving playing with the children who live nearby. The photo above is of our neighbours and Fallise. Fallise is an 18 year old girl who lives 2 houses down who we have employed to look after the girls whilst we work. She is wonderful and despite having limited English we are managing to communicate and the girls really love being with her. The girls love her cooking. especially nshima. For those of you who don’t know what nshima is, it is a local food that Zambians eat as their main carbohydrate, which they have with relish and meat sometimes. It looks a bit like mashed potato but is a rougher texture when you eat it. Amba is funny as now she won’t eat mashed potato as she prefers the nshima!! Anyway the second photo is a picnic in the grounds of the Zambian University in Lusaka. It was a great day until we were told that we were not supposed to be on the grounds without paying. Oops!

We managed to watch the opening ceremony of the olympic games last night in a local cafe which was great to feel connected to the UK. Hopefully we will be able to see some of the action!! Anyway, hope your summer is going well. I hear that you have some great weather. Will pray it continues.

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