On my way…!!!!!!!!

Hi all
The hospital appointment went well although I was a little surprised at the scaffolding now in my foot! Two plates and ten screws later, this is what we have!!


Anyway, the doctor is happy with my progress so far. I have been fitted with a moon boot and told not to weight bear for another 4 weeks. We now need to wait and pray that the bones will successfully fuse together!

Thanks once again for all your support and prayers and love that has come our way during the last few weeks. It has hugely helped us through this crazy time.

So I am now in Cape Town airport recieving special services! The guy that is pushing me has just referred to me as the Queen and thanked me for my generosity in allowing him to push me! Was a little bit confused but hey, I dont mind being the queen for an hour or so!!
Love you all and sooooooo excited to see Sam and the girls!

Han xx