Nice to be home

Hi all,

We have decided to step it up a gear and go for our first video blog and to mark this momentous occasion, I thought I would share some footage of our home.

Since the last time we wrote we have had a busy month or so, catching up with friends and family from the uk. First off, we had Simon, Andy, Zoe, Howard and Elizabeth come out to visit from Kerith (our friends from our church back in Bracknell). They were out to see the development of a number of projects that Kerith Community church has helped support in a rural area of Zambia called Serenje. So we did our best to packed in as much time as we could to catch up with them and loved their company. After their stay, both of our mums came out to visit us together for a fortnight. I will write separately about both those trips but what I wanted to say was that we had a fantastic time with all of our visitors and really missed them when they left. It’s a very strange feeling, living in another country and having to see people off at the airport, knowing they are returning home. At these times, we really miss everyone back home and England itself.

Having said all of that, it was my turn to leave Zambia last week as I was invited to attend a church conference in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. It was an odd feeling again to leave family, this time Han and the girls who stayed behind in Lusaka. To add to this, I was also away for our 9thwedding anniversary and Han’s birthday (I won’t mention the years for this one). I have promised to make it up to her! Despite this, it was an inspirational few days away and a great opportunity to see how churches in Zimbabwe are run and how they are engaging with their local communities. I was able to gather ideas for Grace City Church, to serve our local communities in Lusaka as well as hang out with a great group of guys and listen to some amazing teaching!

After an 8 hour drive back, it was lovely to see the girls but that what really hit me though, on my return to Lusaka, was that it felt like I was coming home!

Will work on my video and commentary skills for next time!

Love to all

Sam and the gang