Moving home

Hi all

This weekend we moved home which went relatively smoothly. With all our belongings balanced on a local lorry and fully trusting our removal men, we set off! To be honest we are totally relieved to be out of what has been an extremely difficult situation in our previous tenancy and feel so excited to be in our own place. It is in lovely surroundings, out in the country side on the edge of Lusaka, surrounded by bush land, with the most stunning African sunsets. We are also living next door to children which the girls are loving! Please see the attached photos for more of a sense of where we are living. Oh and the best thing ever is that there are no ants anywhere – no longer in my honey or calpol, or in the toilet, eating my banana cake or randomly crawling around every part of the wall! I guess we must have been living on top of a massive ants nest!!

Hope you are all well

Han, Sam and the girls