Isla at Pachachele school


Hi all

Moving onto our activities at lunch time….After picking the girls up from school and nursery at 12.30 we do various different things.  Often we drive to the Swedish School for a swim (trying to get fit!) and we eat a packed lunch there before driving home.  But other times, we take the girls to meet people who we know are involved in local projects.

The above photo is at Pachachele Primary school, which is a community school set up by an amazing Zambian lady called Angela Maleck.  She has become a good friend of our family and we try to support her when we can.  When our girls first started at the British International School, we realised that the school were not currently supporting any local community schools.  We suggested to the headmaster that if they would like to engage with a local project, Angela Maleck would be a good contact.  Therefore, at the Christmas nativity play all the proceeds and donations were collected for this project along with mealie meal and various other food stuffs.  It was an exciting thing to be a part of and connect the two schools!

In this photo, Isla, Amba and I had dropped in to say hello to Angela and have lunch with the children.  I am so proud of the way they get stuck in and adapt to situations.

But for now, I hope you are having a great week….

Love Han, Sam, Isla and Amba x