Isla learning the ropes!

Success! I have managed to upload a photo as part of a blog or at least I hope I have! I won’t go into the story of getting to this point of sucessful photo uploads but suffice to say it’s taken several hours and involved many people, hours and patience. So I thought I would celebrate with a photo of my gorgeous daughter, Isla. This picture was taken in our garden. It was one of those moments when all was quiet (for too long) so I went  looking for her but was glad to see her really enjoying the art of hand washing with Shika. Fortunately, we have a washing machine so there won’t be to much of this for us! On top of this luxury, we now have hot water! No more cold showers which is a relief. Last of all, we are nearly there with mosquito frames being fitted to all our windows. All in all a fairly productive week so far!

Hope all is well back in the UK and the rains stop soon!

Love Sam and family