Here’s to good health!

Dear all,

Well where do I start? Since we last wrote, so much has happened. The first thing I need to say is that some of you may have heard that we have had a bit of a tough week. Just to reassure you, all is well here. Han broke her toe last Monday but we went to an orthopaedic clinic in the city and got very good treatment. Han is now hobbling around with her toes strapped and a crutch! On top of that, we (or should I say Isla) had a tough lesson in Putsy fly bites! If you are like me, then many of you may not know what this means so I will explain briefly. This particularly fly grows under the skin or animals and humans. Eggs are laid in damp clothing and when this comes into contact with the skin, they hatch and the larvae buries into the skin. It then grows into a maggot inside it’s host – cat, dog, small child, adult….

In our case, we discovered 2 bites on Isla that over a period of 4 days got bigger and bigger. We had heard about this fly so took her to a doctor who misdiagnosed the bites and prescribed her some antibiotics. On Thursday evening, I was convinced the bites where Putsy fly bites and tried some home remedies. This did not work so the next day we took her to hospital. The doctor then removed one of the maggots but said the other one would have to wait. Unhappy about this, I visited a friend of a friend who showed me a way of getting these things out without hospital intervention. I now have a pot of Vaseline added to the first aid kit! This is spread over the site of the bite, suffocating the worm which causes it to poke it’s head up above the surface of the skin. At that point, pressure is applied to the site and out comes the worm – simple but pretty grim! For those with a morbid fascination, go to Google images or Youtube!

Although the maggots need to come out, this is not a serious problem and is a common occurrence. Isla has been very brave and we are so proud of her. Isla is now walking around with a shiny ring on her finger, an award for her courage! To avoid future bites, we have to ensure every item of our clothing is fully dry and ironed. Next on our shopping list is an iron!

Apart from our health, all is going very well. We are hoping to collect our employment permits tomorrow and move into our new home on Friday! The girls have had 2 taster days at their new nursery and they are enjoying the set up very much. In fact, they love it here and are often signing songs about Africa!

I hope that you are all doing fine back home and look forward to hearing from you, either as a comment to this blog or an email or through Facebook or Twitter!


Sam and the girls!