Happy Christmas from Zambia!!

Hi all
It has been a busy few weeks finalising our website which is now ready!!! Please check it out at www.tehila.org!!

I have just come back from South Africa after my final review on my foot…the bones have fused together well and the doctor is pleased with my progress. It is still painful to walk but this ligament and soft tissue damage should heal over the next few months!



So Christmas has finally come in the FB  household!  Our third Christmas in Zambia!

Its always a strange time of year as the Christmas build up is not such a big thing here in Zambia and with the weather hitting the late thirties, it doesnt feel the right time of year for festive activities! In addition, we miss home, friends and family.

Yet its fun exploring how other cultures celebrate Christmas and explaining our own random festive activites..such as the pulling of a cracker!! On various occasions I have found myself trying to define both the purpose and mechanics of a Christmas cracker so various confused faces!

But we have a relaxing week planned as a family and catching up with our Zambian friends.

We want to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas full of happiness. That you may get a chance to stop and just relax.

Sending lots of festive hugs
The FB’s