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Children are rarely sexually abused by a stranger.  The one who abuses them is normally somebody they know and trust. The abuser gains their trust through a process of grooming. 

Richard Huckley abused over 200 children in Malaysia as he posed as a Christian, English and Sunday school teacher. He strategically selected his victims and groomed them and their families over a period of time. He then raped them. He boasted that children who are living in material poverty are easier to access, groom and abuse. 

The Tehila team are committed to ensuring communities in Zambia are strengthened in child safeguarding. One way we do this is by equipping children with knowledge of sexual abuse particularly the grooming process and how to get help. It is so important that children can play a key part in their own protection. 

Last week, Obet and Regina were busy in Lusaka facilitating 4 different Touch Talk events to over 100 children and 20 Sunday School teachers across our children-at-risk network. Sunday school teachers were trained on how to use the resource and then recieved an opportunity afterwards to facilitate the Touch Talk programme within their church. 

Below are a few photos of the trainings. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. We are wanting to print as many Touch Talk flipbooks as we can. Each one costs approximately £30 to print. Do you feel able to cover the cost of one or more books? Or alternatively become a regular monthly giver to support the Touch Talk programme? If so we would love to hear from you…. 

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