Four years in Zambia

Hi all
Today we celebrate living in Zambia for four years! Such an enriching and incredible experience with beautiful, amazing highs and powerful, deep lows.  A time of growth, endurance, patience, beauty, relationships, family, memories, fun, frustration and lots of adventure.


Our girls continue to amaze us daily.  They have now lived in Zambia way longer than they lived in the UK and are totally integrated into Zambian life and culture. They both love people and are sociable, are able to cope with our changing and unpredictable life, the vastly different people who visit our home, the way they care for me living with injuries, being the only white children in an all Zambia school. So little phases them.  They have a big heart for others less fortunate and are happy, loving, fun girls. We are so blessed and we have so much to learn from them on how they manage and cope with life.

We are also amazed at how God has grown and blessed Tehila beyond anything we could have imagined or expected.  Along a hugely fulfilling, yet tough and bumpy journey we have time and time again experienced God’s joy, grace and provision in our lives and that of Tehila.

God has given us a big vision for Tehila and we are excited although at times a little overwhelmed!  We have simply continued to take a step at a time, following God’s path, doing the small bit that we can, knowing that Tehila is in His hands.  We often don’t feel in control but simply riding on a wave that God is making happen….in fact sometimes if we are honest we feel half under the water!! But God is amazing and we feel that with or without us, He is passionate about the vision and mission of Tehila. He is building his team here in Zambia, preparing us, enlarging us to protect children and are excited to continue to be a part of it.

Thank you for journeying with us.
We look forward to what 2016 holds…..

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