Foot update

Hi all
I know that many of you have been asking how I am doing so I thought I would update you all on my foot!


Sam and I travelled back to South Africa last week for a review and we were amazed at how well I am progressing.image

The doctor looked at the xray of my foot and could not believe that my bones have already started to fuse together! He said the X ray showed what he expected 12 weeks post surgery not 6!!

So I feel encouraged and so thankful that I am healing and want to thank everyone for praying for me and us as a family over the last few weeks. We have felt so loved and have never felt alone in this journey!

So I am now walking with one crutch and a moon boot, feeling very hot in 38 degrees heat!!

Love to you all and be encouraged that God trully does answer your prayers- even the big ones!!!

Han xx