Family Legacy

HI all

Tehila would love to introduce you to Felistus Zulu Mwale, the Child Protection Program Manager for Family Legacy.

Tehila have a long standing relationship with Family Legacy.  In November 2015, we facilitated Safe Places with staff and a newly formed Child Protection Taskforce worked tirelessly following this training, led by Katy Dingham. Through her commitment and passion to see child safeguarding become a key aspect of the organisation, she has led the development of a child protection policy and all related procedures and systems. Katy and her team have built the safeguarding capacity of the 600 plus staff and this has contributed to a culture which attempts to identify and reduce risk towards children. She has successfully managed to build a team around her, dedicated to keeping children safe.

Recently Katy handed the role of Child Protection Program Manager to Felistus and Katy is now in a more overseeing role. They have added a further 36 child protection officers into Family Legacy Schools around Lusaka, which makes a total of 80 child protection champions trained to identify and address child protection concerns. A huge step forward. We want to thank Family Legacy for the work they are doing to protect children. Children are speaking out and reporting abuse. Teachers are noticing the indicators of abuse and understand that it is mandatory to report concerns.   There is a zero tolerance for mis-conduct towards children by staff and other representatives. Risk assessment has become normal practice.  For confidentiality reasons, we can not discuss the detail of any individual cases but as Tehila walk alongside this organisation, we are inspired and encouraged by the commitment to fight for justice and see victims of child abuse being cared for and supported in their healing.


Touch Talk is now being facilitated in all of the Family Legacy Schools and by the end of this term every child who receives residential care and education from Family Legacy will know about sexual abuse, be equipped with protective behaviours to minimise the risk of abuse and know where to go for help.



Recently Katy thanked Tehila for the way we have walked alongside them – “Thank you for all that you have poured in (and will continue to I know). You have really helped in changing the trajectory of our ministry”.

Yet, we are humbled. Priviledged to walk along with and support such an organisation who has seized hold of the vision to keep children safe and who is actively making this happen.

I thought you would enjoy reading this story of hope. And I thank you once again for the role you all play in supporting Tehila. Without your support, we could not have assisted Family Legacy. You have also been part of this story. So we thank you and encourage you to keep with us, keep standing with us as we continue to advance forwards.

With Love, Hannah