Exciting news for Tehila

Hi all
We want to share some exciting news! This week Tehila has recruited our first employee! On October 1st Obet will begin working as a Tehila Trainer. Many of you will know Obet as he was in the UK last year as part of the Kerith Academy.

Obet is an incredibly gifted guy who is passionate about his faith and beliefs.  He has become a close family friend throughout our time in Zambia and is a keen supporter of Tehila. He is a gifted communicator and teacher and able to work effectively with both adults and children of all backgrounds.



Obet will be equipped to take a key lead on our programme called ‘Safe Places’, which works alongside communities to prevent and respond to child abuse.  He will also have a role in training children to protect themselves through our innovative programme Tehila Touch.

We caught up with Obet this week to ask him a few questions….


Why do you want to work for Tehila?
I like it because it’s an organisation that  has got so much interest in children. It protects them from the abuse they go through and it’s there to help the children, bringing so much hope to their lives. I would love to be part of the team to see children live in a safe environment.

Why do you think children should safe?
Because I believe they are the hope and the leaders of today and tomorrow.  Every child has a right to be in a safe environment.

What are your passions?
I love meeting new people and being in new places. I engage so well with children all the way up to adults and I love God so much.  My dream is to be the voice that will bring hope both to the poor and the rich around the world.

We welcome Obet on board!! I am sure you will all hear from him in October!

We also want to thank an incredible couple in the UK for making this all possible. This couple have unconditionally supported Obet in his further education since returning to Zambia and have generously offered to pay his salary to work for Tehila. We are hugely grateful as this has enabled Tehila to move onto the next level.   Thank you so much!!

This is a critical and big step forward for Tehila. We are excited. It has also prompted us to actively look for a small office space for us to work from. As we grow we need a Tehila base ideally located near the girls school. It would be great if you could pray with us for these things.

As always none of this could be possible without you.  Your support as Tehila Activists is critical in ending child cruelty towards children in Zambia. We say thank you on behalf of all our Zambian colleagues and children who have benefitted from Tehila programmes over the last three years. We really are a team.

Have a great weekend
The growing Tehila Team x