Cutting grass

Hi all
It is my aim over the next few weeks to capture some of the regular sights here in Zambia that perhaps have become a more common thing for us…but I know when we first arrived these observations were very striking as they were so different to our lives in the Uk!

Let me start with this morning on my way to work. 7.30am I drive past Chainda Basic School, a government run primary school. Its the rainy season and grasses around the school are long and need cutting. So the decision is made to give perhaps twenty children a machete style grass cutter and they are all responsible for cutting the grass. I’ve seen it before when visiting schools. Children from the school are responsible for sweeping their classrooms after lessons.

Can you imagine this happening in the uk?! I think not,  certainly not the grass cutting. Too many health and safety laws. The risk assessment just would not pass. And we may even worry that its child labour. What would the childrens parents say? We would have to get permission letters. Or maybe we couldn’t trust our children not to swing them around and end up injuring a fellow pupil? Of course all these factors are valid and important to consider. But there is something refreshing about seeing children involved in this activity here un Lusaka. There is a freedom in Zambia that I love. Allowing children to be responsible, take risks, learning to be safe and take pride in their school environment.
Food for thought….


Have a blessed week