Best laid plans….

Hi, its Sam here….Our intention was to regularly udpate you all with our progress, thoughts, ramblings but here we are – 2 months on from our last blog. All we can say is that this shows how busy things get when you look at moving your family out to Africa! We have been meaning to write for ages so we are determined to make this a Sunday night thing for future blogs!
So here is the update:

People’s amazing generosity keeps bowling us over as more and more people are getting behind us. This is such an encouragement and very helpful indeed. We have just had our application approved for Stewardship (an organisation that claim Gift Aid on our behalf – for a small fee!) so we will be shortly sending out instructions to all those who have pledged to give.

We have also managed to get permission to let out our house. This has been a task in itself. Didn’t realise you needed to even ask! After getting approval from The Woolwich we have also got our gas safety certificate and Energy Performance cert – boring but essential stuff if you want to be a landlord.

Over to Han….
Last week we met up with a couple who live in Lusaka, Zambia. We knew about them through friends Ken and Ann who randomly met them at a conference in Brighton, in fact were sat next to them! We have been in touch and they were back for Christmas so invited them for a meal. God has just brought so many people into our lives during this journey. I read somewhere that if your dream is from God, ” you’ll have the necessary gifts and talents to fulfill it and what you lack, God will provide in additional relationships and resources” This has been so true during the last few weeks. We at times have felt a bit overwhelmed with the enormity of what we are embarking on and at times a little daunted by the work out there. But we just know that this is God’s plan and he is in control.

We have now reserved our flights so reality is kicking in and with that a certain level of nerves and excitment! For those of you are praying for us, it would be great if you could pray for our accomodation when we first get out to Zambia. We currently don’t have a place to stay but hoping that we can be based somewhere for a couple of weeks to give us time to find a home!

We want to thank you for all your ongoing support to us as a family. Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas