Being brave

Hi all
We are planning our return to Zambia! The surgery to remove and replace a disc in my neck has been successful and pain in my left arm and shoulder has completely disappeared. We thank God for this. I have to attend a review meeting with the consultant on Monday and then hopefully we can book our return flights. After four weeks in Cape Town, we will go back to our lives in Lusaka and say a sad farewell to my mum who has been here supporting and helping whilst we have been in South Africa.  Special times. Thanks mum.  We love you.


So as I sit here this morning meditating and spending time with God, I have been listening to the words of a song I love called “You make me brave”:

‘You make me brave
You make me brave
You call me out beyond the shore into the waves’

This is how I feel as we step out once more into our work and life in Zambia.  We have become comfortable in Cape Town. Yes, it has been an anxious time in regards my health and imminent surgery. But it has also been a time on the shore, resting and recuperating and healing. Just being in the beauty of nature and creation. It has been an important break for all of us. 

But now we must be brave again.

God is calling us back into the waves.  To return to the place He wants us to be. Where it can be rough, challenging and hard work. Where unpredictability and ‘never knowing what is coming next’ become our routine. Where the feelings of being overwhelmed and out of our depth can threaten to drown us, as we deal with the issues of child abuse and pain in people’s lives. Where the culture around us can still feel so different and unfamiliar as we grapple with daily life. Where poverty and injustice bombard us and can prevent us from allowing ourselves to rest.

Yet,  we enter those waves gladly. We are excited about what is in store for us next. We embrace the unknown and hand ourselves over to a God we believe has good plans for us.  We once again acknowledge that none of our bravery and strength comes from us. It is all from God.

God is our strength. He is the one who makes us brave.

So bring it on. All the ups and downs of life. We want God to use us and we know that means incredible adventure, an element of danger, plenty of risk, and huge reward. We are up for it.

Are you?

love Han and the gang x

(I love the lyrics of the song ‘You make me Brave’….check it out…