A great week

A big hello from the FB’s and Obet…


Its been a great week!  Sam and I have celebrated out 12th  wedding anniversary and I have celebrated my birthday!!

But really exciting for Tehila is that we are now the proud owners of two work permits!!!


As many of you know, we started the process of applying for these documents in February this year.  Sam has tirelessly taken on the near full time job of dealing with agents, immigration and bureaucracy. All his hard work has paid off! Thank you God. I could write a book on the journey and process!! But it may bore you….!

The exciting news is that this means we can stay in Zambia and continue with Tehila. Tehila Zambia is now a registered Zambian organisation and our permits are registered under this organisation.

So work continues and the situation remains urgent. Reports of child abuse are daily in the newspapers, especially around child sexual abuse, which locally is described as defilement. There is much work to be done.

Next week, we are launching our latest programme called, ‘Do no Harm’. This specifically targets larger organisations, helping them to keep children safe and ensure that they as an organisation ‘do no harm’ to children, either intentionally or unintentionally. We have been working on this programme for so long, and are almost breathing and dreaming it!! It will be great to finally put it all into action.

So for three days next week Tehila will be training 25 staff from Family Legacy. This is a large organisation, responsible for the care and education of over 10,000 children across 17 compound areas in Lusaka. The potential impact is huge as we endeavor to equip this organisation’s operations, staff and programmes with vital knowledge and tools to keep children safe.


Thank you once again. We could not do this without you.

Have a great week
Han xx